The Environment

At Cobblers Cove we are conscious of our privileged position on a tropical island and are keen to preserve the incredible environment we are so lucky to inhabit. The lush tropical gardens, the diverse wildlife with whom we share the resort and the marine life that is just off the shore are all precious and worthy of the utmost respect, as is our local community.

As a sign of this respect the hotel is named after the Cobbler bird, also known as the Frigate bird. These magnificent birds can still be seen circling the bay today.

Practical actions include a comprehensive recycling programme, working with a local food cooperative in St. George to support 254 farmers from the parish and a focus on reducing energy usage. The hotel is also proud to support a local school - Roland Edwards Primary School. 

We are dedicated to treading lightly to ensure that our environmental impact is minimal. And keep in mind that Cobblers Cove should remain a tropical retreat for generations to come.