The Cobblers Cove Gardens

Cobblers Cove has been a much-loved Caribbean hideaway since the 1960s and there's no doubt its charm and popularity owe much to its magical island setting and tropical, jungle-like gardens. 

This spectacular garden haven is renowned throughout Barbados for its vibrant colours and exotic fragrances, as well as the sheer diversity of plant and flower life. Familiar trees and plants abound, such as palms, torch lilies, hibiscus, bougainvillea and pretty orchids trailing from trees around the grounds.

The Cobblers Cove gardens are lovingly cared for by the hotel’s own staff, led by the talented Niki Farmer, whose horticultural knowledge is much coveted by estate owners on the island.  Take a walk round the gardens with Niki and she’s likely to point out some of the more unusual exotic flowers only found now in the old gardens of Barbados. 

One tree everyone remembers is the huge fig near the beach which is home to all manner of birds, a family of green monkeys and the odd mongoose.  And from the tropical birds at sunrise to the frogs at sundown, a musical chorus of garden sounds is played out against the soothing backdrop of soft waves against the shore. 

Cobblers Cove – truly a garden paradise.

Green fingered guests would enjoy one of our garden tours. Take a car for the day and explore some of the other exotic gardens on the island.